Another new decade is upon us and as the Group continue working on their spiritual paths I would like to reflect on the last decade.

When our founder Yvonne decided to move the circle she was running from Angels (due to it’s closure) to Fairkytes , she asked me if it was the right thing to be doing, would people be interested, would it be helpful for others?. My reply to her was, of course, people were attending her circle because they enjoyed the way she taught, the topics she bought to table and the encouragement she gave to everyone to connect with Spirit.

By the time Yvonne passed in 2014 her Development Circle had seen a great number of members open themselves to spirit, improve their own well being and go on to help people, seeking guidance and in some cases simply be a safe place to talk.

Following Yvonnes passing to Spirit the group continued and naturally evolved into a dedicated Spiritual Development Circle who continue to respect the energy of Spirit and the work of the group. Many people have commented how welcoming, inclusive and enjoyable the Group is.

I thank Yvonne for her hard work, her dedication and her love for Spirit, she is never far from my thoughts.

The Members of the Crystal Light Development Circle are a delight to work with, never shy away from exploring their connections, taking on challenges with strength and direction. When new members join the group we are so pleased they have included Crystal Light Circle into their Spiritual Journey and do all we can to help them succeed.

So we roll into 2020, with all the uncertainties everyone knows about. I believe the strength of the Spiritual Development Circle will continue as well as the support every member shows each other . We hope those in need will seek us out.

Take Care ~ Sam – Crystal Light Development Tutor.

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