Crystal Light Circle ~ Tarot Class

Saturday 21st November 2015.     Public Readings

The advanced Crystal Light Tarot Class set up their reading spaces in the main room of Fairkytes Art Centre ready to welcome the members of the public who had booked their appointments with event organiser.

13:00 hours saw the first wave of clients arrive. Reception efficiently guided the clients to the relevant reader and the Tarot reading event took flight.

Each client had three individual appointments with three different Tarot readers, every reading was free for each client as the event was a class exercise for the students.

All the Tarot Readers received great feedback from the members of the public, who were so pleased with their reading experiences a number of them donated a total of £50, which will be given to Hopefield Animal Sanctuary, one the charities The Crystal Light Circle support.

Please see below some of the feedback received:-

#1.  “Really enjoyed the three readings and all came out so strong with a similar message. It’s really helped me with a decision I need to make, thank you so much.”

#2.  “Started off very good and just got better. Information was clear and delivered with tact and care. All 3 readings were very relevant. Thank you.”

#3.  “Excellent readings, very accurate, really good, will definitely come again.”

#4.  “Very work focused – understandably. Very good reading, detailed and relevant. Thank you.”

#5.  “Good event. Readings were all consistent. Although I had three questions they were all similar in nature and that came out in the readings.”

#6.  “This was a lovely afternoon – all the ladies made me feel at ease and it was so useful and interesting – everyone was fab and I’d love to be invited along again. Thank you all.”

#7.  “Excellent reading!! Strong links with the first reading, confirmation. Thank you so very much.”

#8.  “Lovely reading, very easily explained and made me think of ideas that I have been putting to the back of my mind.”

#9. “A very positive reading. Explained how I felt at this present time. The reading clearly answered my question. Felt a really calm positive vibe.”

#10.  “Read my cards very clearly and explained so lovely how I felt in the past. Really has given me something positive to think about.”

#11.  “Excellent, very helpful, have a good Xmas.”

There will be further reading events in 2016. if you would like to be included in our client list please contact us.

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