Helping Branfil Primary School

Tuesday 23rd February 2016 saw the Crystal Light Circle spiritual workers arrive at Branfil Primary School, Upminster, Essex, ready for an evening of one to one readings and platform work.

The PTA had enquired if the Circle could support their fundraising efforts and the Circle were only too please to help.

Tarot, Lenormand, Tea Leaf, Angel cards and Palm readings were the order of the day for the one to one readings and the Spiritual workers did not disappoint.  Readings were held for entire event and even ran over time as they were so popular. The feed back from the readings were all positive.                                                                                                               Well done ladies and gentleman thank you for your hard work.

The Platform workers sat collectively on the stage in the main hall, the audience was a little sparse but the expectant faces were eager to hear from their loved ones.  The links that were made gave messages of support and love to those who had lost friends and family.                                                                                                                                                   Well done ladies and gentlemen thank you for your perseverance.

Every Spiritual worker gave their time free of charge to ensure the School received 100% of the £300 raised.


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