New Member Experiences

Joining a Spiritual Development Circle – the views of a new member. 

I saw the Development circle advertised in the Fairkytes information book and decided to find out a little more about it.

Using the Contact number I spoke with Sam who was happy to explain what the group was all about and the types of topics that are covered.

Having literally no experience of Spiritual Development I was not sure if I even had any abilities so I went along on the Tuesday to see if I felt comfortable with what I was expected to do and what I could learn.

The circle is whats called an “open circle” and anyone for any reason can attend.  I felt right at home, the members are welcoming and happy to talk to the “newbie”  I wasn’t left out of discussions and felt I could ask questions when I didn’t understand what people were meaning when using various spiritual words.

There is a timetable of topics available so I can look ahead to see what I am going to be learning about and also so I can do a bit of research before the class as that then enables me to ask even more questions and learn even more.

Its a great group of people I would really recommend you coming along and joining in.


Crystal Light Circle Member


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