Development Circle and Mediumship Events

The Crystal Light Development Circle is going from strength to strength with new members joining and current members continuing to work to the best of their growing abilities.

The group have a face book page which is for Circle members only and enables a forum for information and events. if you would like to be added to the FB page please contact Sam – 07855385696

Crystal Light Circle on Facebook   


Recently the group attended an evening of Mediumship with Ronnie Buckingham who was both entertaining and accurate in proof of survival of loved ones who have passed.

Additionally one member attended an evening of platform Mediumship with Gordon Smith at the college of Psychic studies, where they were privileged to receive two readings. The accuracy of the information given was incredible and so if you ever have the opportunity to attend an event held by Mr Smith, it is thoroughly recommended.


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Helping Branfil Primary School

Tuesday 23rd February 2016 saw the Crystal Light Circle spiritual workers arrive at Branfil Primary School, Upminster, Essex, ready for an evening of one to one readings and platform work.

The PTA had enquired if the Circle could support their fundraising efforts and the Circle were only too please to help.

Tarot, Lenormand, Tea Leaf, Angel cards and Palm readings were the order of the day for the one to one readings and the Spiritual workers did not disappoint.  Readings were held for entire event and even ran over time as they were so popular. The feed back from the readings were all positive.                                                                                                               Well done ladies and gentleman thank you for your hard work.

The Platform workers sat collectively on the stage in the main hall, the audience was a little sparse but the expectant faces were eager to hear from their loved ones.  The links that were made gave messages of support and love to those who had lost friends and family.                                                                                                                                                   Well done ladies and gentlemen thank you for your perseverance.

Every Spiritual worker gave their time free of charge to ensure the School received 100% of the £300 raised.


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Crystal Light Circle ~ Tarot Class

Saturday 21st November 2015.     Public Readings

The advanced Crystal Light Tarot Class set up their reading spaces in the main room of Fairkytes Art Centre ready to welcome the members of the public who had booked their appointments with event organiser.

13:00 hours saw the first wave of clients arrive. Reception efficiently guided the clients to the relevant reader and the Tarot reading event took flight.

Each client had three individual appointments with three different Tarot readers, every reading was free for each client as the event was a class exercise for the students.

All the Tarot Readers received great feedback from the members of the public, who were so pleased with their reading experiences a number of them donated a total of £50, which will be given to Hopefield Animal Sanctuary, one the charities The Crystal Light Circle support.

Please see below some of the feedback received:-

#1.  “Really enjoyed the three readings and all came out so strong with a similar message. It’s really helped me with a decision I need to make, thank you so much.”

#2.  “Started off very good and just got better. Information was clear and delivered with tact and care. All 3 readings were very relevant. Thank you.”

#3.  “Excellent readings, very accurate, really good, will definitely come again.”

#4.  “Very work focused – understandably. Very good reading, detailed and relevant. Thank you.”

#5.  “Good event. Readings were all consistent. Although I had three questions they were all similar in nature and that came out in the readings.”

#6.  “This was a lovely afternoon – all the ladies made me feel at ease and it was so useful and interesting – everyone was fab and I’d love to be invited along again. Thank you all.”

#7.  “Excellent reading!! Strong links with the first reading, confirmation. Thank you so very much.”

#8.  “Lovely reading, very easily explained and made me think of ideas that I have been putting to the back of my mind.”

#9. “A very positive reading. Explained how I felt at this present time. The reading clearly answered my question. Felt a really calm positive vibe.”

#10.  “Read my cards very clearly and explained so lovely how I felt in the past. Really has given me something positive to think about.”

#11.  “Excellent, very helpful, have a good Xmas.”

There will be further reading events in 2016. if you would like to be included in our client list please contact us.

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Halloween Numerology and Tarot at Hopefields

The rain held off and the sun even shone on a mild last day of October 2015.

11:00 am saw the gates open to the public in all their Halloween finery.  We saw a mini Harry Potter, a magnificent Maleficent, a very inventive young lady who was one of the headless walking dead, plus Monsters Inc. Mike Wazowski along with James P. Sullivan who entertained both public and workers alike.

Set up in the corner of the large barn, the well decorated Halloween gazebo housed,  The Crystal Light Circle ~ Tarot Group.

Numerology and Tarot was on offer to the Public and happily nine people were read for during the event, raising £45 for Hopefield Animal Sanctuary.

Well done to the readers and group members supporting the day, not only did you raise funds but also our profile. Great networking guys.


Many members of the public commented they had not realised we would be at Hopefields so next time we will have to improve the advertising to increase the money we can raise for Hopefields and the great job they do.






Blanked faces 1


better pic





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Charity Psychic Event in remembrance of Yvonne Parker

Saturday 5th September 2015.

Location: Fairkytes Art Centre, Hornchurch.

With the Bunting tied round the boundary of the Art Centres front garden, the “Psychic Event” banner hung from the main room windows and the Sandwich board located near the pavement, they all announced the arrival of the Crystal Light Circle.

All the Circles Readers, Holistic workers, Booking Office and Refreshment Organisers, arrived to set up their tables and healing areas.

Mediumship, Tarot Reading, Angel Cards, Oracle Cards, Tea Leaf Reading, Astrology, Numerology, Reiki, Massage and Reflexology.

The event was timed to run from 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm.

21 of the 60 appointments for readings or treatments had been pre-booked over the few weeks prior to the event, the last request being the evening before the event.

Everyone was excited and hoped the event would go well, especially as this was the first major event the Circle had held since the passing of our tutor and dearest friend Yvonne Parker.

The public who had booked the 12 noon appointments arrived a little ahead of their time but the booking office had seats available to enable comfortable waiting.

As the time progressed so did the walk in appointments and the spaces filled up fast.  The last appointment was filled an hour before the end of the event.

Regrettably we had to inform a number of people there were no further appointments, but we most certainly will be holding another event in the future.

The Readers and Holistic workers helped members of the public constantly for the whole three hours, only having a break at the end of the event.

Refreshments were available and luckily the wet weather held off, eventually the sun even shone.

The Crystal Light Circle were pleased to host Lucy Butcher from Touch of LifeSouthend, who is a Massage and Complementary Therapist.      Lucy worked tirelessly giving reflexology to the public. One Lady was so pleased with her treatment she donated an extra £10 to the charities.

Lucy can be contacted:  email =  or  mobile 07492062478.


The total money raised was £406.80 and will go to Hopefields Animal Sanctuary and The Dogs Trust.

The Crystal Light Circle would like to thank all the supporters of the event.


Yvonne at work




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Charity Festival – Followers of the Old Religion

Four members of the Crystal Light Circle drove out to Sawbridgeworth to attend the Festival and raise money for an amazing School – Harlow Fields, who teach and support children with learning difficulties.

We would like to thank Kelly and Sue – the organisers, who worked tirelessly to ensure the event was a success and subsequently raised £2,850.00

Being able to arrive the day prior to the weekend event and camp,  enabled us to set up our reading and healing zone in plenty of time for the day the Festival opened.

Our Reading and Healing Zone.11822945_10153500932327980_5075461526184799846_o


The Quiet Healing Area where we were assigned a pitch.11884972_10153500931102980_8442703607965481250_o

The view from our pitch.11878992_10153500935292980_5267522578759557575_o

The whole festival traders formed a ring of tents and pitches in the farmers field, with a Stage on the opposite side of the field to the quiet healing area.

Vikings, drummers, belly dancers and many different bands were the entertainment for the festival and the weather was glorious.

The first day of the Festival – Saturday 8th August –  started slowly and gradually people started to attend, sadly not in their droves as we had hoped, however the last reading of the day was completed at 11:00 pm.

The last day of the Festival – Sunday 9th August – saw a little more in attendance from the general public and the group met some amazing people with incredible stories.

The comradery of the traders was supportive, helpful and filled with laughter, which was magical considering we had not met until the Festival.

Thank you Alex for booking the event.


Would we do it again ?  YES, in a heartbeat.


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In memory of a Wonderful Lady

Following the sad passing of our dear friend and teacher Yvonne Parker the Crystal Light Circle and Wiccan Willows group donated money for Yvonnes favourite charity ~ Hopefield Animal Sanctuary.

The total collected was over £300.

Christine from Hopefields sent a heart felt letter and card of both thanks and condolences.



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Crystal Light Circle Charity Event

On the 3rd September 2011. we held a day long spiritual event giving members of the public the opportunity to experience a range of spiritual readings including Tarot reading, Mediumship, Numerology, Shell reading, Reiki, Indian Head massage and Runes.

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of the public we were able to raise £463 for our two nominated charities ~ Hopefield Animal Sanctuary in Brentwood, Essex  and              St Francis Hospice.



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Hopefield Charity Day

In June 2011    Fairkytes Arts Centre, Hornchurch, Essex, opened their doors to welcome in the general public to investigate the many varied courses that are held at the centre. The Crystal Light Circle were asked to take part, which we gladly accepted and raised over £60 pounds in donations for two hours of one to one readings.

The donations went to Hopefield Animal Sanctuary in Brentwood, Essex.

On behalf of the many varied animals, the Crystal Light Circle would like to thank everyone involved in the event.

Hopefield 3 Hopefield 1 Hopefield 2


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Bede Griffiths Charity day

In June 2010    The Crystal Light Circle held a Psychic Day and raised over £600 on the day for the Bede Griffiths Educational Project, which helps builds and maintains Schools in India for underprivileged children.

Further to the successful event an additional £200 was added in donations.

The money raised went to the Bless Project to help maintain the Timothy Pruss Memorial School in memory of a son sadly missed by family and friends.

We would like to whole heartedly thank all the people involved from the readers and therapists who gave their time freely and those who attended the event, helping to raise such a wonderful donation for the Trust.



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