What is Mediumship? ~ The views of a Circle Member. 

Firstly what do I term as a medium?  A medium is somebody who passes a message from one person to another.  For example, if I gave you a message to tell your friend and you passed it on, then you would have been the medium.  The only difference between you and a spiritual medium is he or she is a  person who can receive messages from the spirit world.  I believe that we all have the capability to achieve this.  It is just understanding the difference between your own thoughts and thoughts or images coming to you from another level.

There are a few different ways in which a medium can receive messages. The first and most widely used is mental Mediumship.

This is fundamentally the medium raising his / her consciousness to a much  higher level so that he/she can  receive messages from spirit. Then once this is accomplished the medium can pass on to the recipient what they are seeing, feeling or hearing.

Mediumship is an “umbrella” term for the senses of spiritual communication. Most of you will of used or heard the saying, “I went to see a clairvoyant last night”. Clairvoyance is just a term which means “Clear Seeing”. As all mediums do not see the spirit world but use other spirit senses like hearing or sensing, the term clairvoyant is not right for every medium.

Here are the senses within Mediumship and Spirit Communication:

If a medium can see the spirit world when communicating- they are Clairvoyant.

If a medium can hear the spirit world when communicating – they are Clairaudient.

If a medium can sense/feel the spirit world when communicating – they are Clairsentient.

If a medium can smell the spirit world when communicating – they are Clairailient.

If a medium can taste the spirit world when communicating – they are Clairgustant.

When working, a medium will use one or any combination of the above or more.  Sometimes a medium will not work on any of the above and use a sixth spirit sense which acts as if the words are just downloaded in to the mind of the medium and the words just fall out.

We are all born with the gift, it has just been put away.  Look how many children have what are called imaginary friends.  Why are they not really seeing these friends?  Just because their parents can’t see them it doesn’t mean they do not exist.    When a dog whistle is blown the dog reacts to it, can the human ear hear that frequency?  Most can’t,  but it definitely exists doesn’t it?  So this is what I am saying, you must believe in existence of other levels.  Then it will be easier to tap into.  Have a go if you are interested, what have you got to lose?

I am 100 per cent  sure of higher existence and it hasn’t done me any harm.  In fact it has improved life for me and I have met some wonderful people in the circle and in different events that I do to do with spirit .


Crystal Light Circle Member