Code of Ethics, Privicy and Confidentiality

The Attendee…….

  • Is expected to treat all attendees with equal respect and courteousness, regardless of – but not limited to – age, personal health, gender, origin, race, religion or sexual preference, at all times and in all media.
  • Should expect all attendees to return the respect and courteousness given.
  • Understands other attendees right to refuse or terminate the event at any time during the process of development.
  • Will not give advice to others in relation to medical, legal, financial situations. Instead will promote free will.
  • Will not discuss any personal information exchanged during any class, outside of the Spiritual Circle.
  • Is required to listen to the views of other attendees without prejudice.

Any attendee ignoring any of the above requirements will be asked to leave by the Crystal Light Circle Tutor and will not return without the agreement of all members following open and frank discussions.
For those who are asked to leave, any following harassment behaviour, either verbally, physically or via correspondence, following the exclusion, will be reported to the police under the Equality Act 2010.  This also applies to those who decide to leave the Circle independently and subsequently harass any Circle member.