What is Magick and why is it spelt with a K?

Wiccan – the collective for Magick – is described as a modern religion, based on ancient Witchcraft traditions.

Magick is spelt with a K to differentiate from the entertainment worlds performance of magic.   Using Magick can’t make elephants disappear or saw a person in two.

Wiccan –  has a few basic rules.

One is called ” the three fold law” and states whatever you put into the world comes back three fold, a little like Karma.

Another is “do what you will, be it harm none” People are not cursed or turned into toads, because if that was done then it would come back to the instigator multiplied three times in strength.

Those practising Wicca would rather send out a loving energy to help heal  rather than bad thoughts to harm others.

If you feel at home when you walk in a park or a wood, or if you gaze at the moon and feel peaceful and calm, then maybe this subject could interest you.


Blessed Be.