Physical Mediumship

There are many forms of Physical Mediumship.  Some of the more interesting are:

Table Tipping,  a groP_Old_seance_table_levitationup of spirit workers stand or sit around an ordinary table and by placing their fingers lightly on the table, invite spirit to join the group and move the table to confirm they are in contact with the group.

Subsequently spirit is verbally asked questions and requested to use the movement of the table to indicate the answer.


Spirit board

Spirit Board,  more commonly known as a Ouji Board, the Spirit Board was originally called the Talking Board and there are many different styles and designs.

Using the Spirit Board is to be done with respect and with a clear mind.

The Spirit Board has an indicator which is known as a Planchette (little board) which, people who are working with the board, place their finger tips onto.  It is the movement of the Planchette over the markings on the board which indicate the messages from Spirit.


Sam ~ Crystal Light Circle Tutor.