What is Numerology ? ~ The views of a Circle Member. 

Your date of birth and full birth certificate name can be translated into numbers.  Each number represents a certain type of energy.

Depending on how many numbers you have, the combination you have and where in your numerology chart they are located, these numbers can give us an insight into a person’s character.

Numerology advises us of our flaws and offers advice into positively developing the traits we are not fond of!  Certain numbers are ‘heavy weights’ and typically explain why one person’s life may be tougher than anothers.

Some numbers in Numerology can be called “Karmic Debt” numbers. Spiritual Numerologists believe the soul of the person who has one of these numbers is paying back a debt from a previous life or lives.

Every human on our planet is unique.  We can change our name but our date of birth cannot be changed.  We carry this energy around with us until we die.

What is energy in human / spirit terms?

When you walk into a room and take an instant dislike to someone (or like someone) you are picking up on their energy.  You do not know that person and do not know anything about them, but there is realisation you do not ‘click’ with this person.

Energy has a lower and a higher vibration.  As humans we typically resonate with the lower vibration of our energy until we develop and gradually move up to our higher vibration – although as we are complex human beings with emotions, families, jobs etc this can be difficult for us to achieve, but not impossible.

Your date of birth shows the obstacles and challenges you will face through your life.

Your full birth certificate name shows the best you can be, ie: your destiny.

Numerology can offer comfort.  My own journey with Numerology has led me to a fascinating subject and given me far more insight into myself.

Crystal Light Circle Member.